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March 2, 2017
Anthousa Helena
Medical Intuitive     

Anthousa’s life mission is to heal the illusion of separation and help guide us into Unity Consciousness individually and globally. The sole purpose of our lives is to discover the Truth of who we are. Anthousa is the Founder and Developer of “SOLLITE” which utilizes the Light of the Soul for healing and conscious awakening. 

Her goal is to teach, guide, empower and educate people with the tools that are needed for personal healing, self fulfillment and spiritual attainment. 

Integrative Medicine is a Holistic approach which addresses the physical, energetic, and spiritual realms of a person's whole being to heal the core places which keep us from achieving our fulfillment and liberation. She is a exceptional healer with an expertise in various modalities that aid her clients on the journey they take together to Self Discovery. 

She has been a Holistic Health Educator and Medical Consultant in the field of Integrative Medicine for 37 years. Anthousa is an Ordained Minister who is both Nationally Board Certified and State licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist. She has a Doctorate in Divinity specialized in Spiritual Life Coach Counseling and Energy Psychology. 

Ms. Helena is certified in Advanced Visceral Manipulation, Ortho-Bionomy, Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, Master Energy Healer, Health Minister, Medical Intuitive, Master Sufi Teacher, ChromoTherapeutics Instructor, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, and certified in Medical QiGong. 

She was on the faculty of the programs department at Kripalu Holistic Health Center and is a Certified Yoga Instructor of Kripalu and Bikram Methods. 

Anthousa is available for Phone Consultations, Individual and Group Therapy, Lectures and Seminars.

March 7, 2017
Rachel Elnaugh     

Rachel Elnaugh is the award winning entrepreneur whose first business was the market leading ‘experiences’ brand Red Letter Days, which she created at the age of 24 and grew from nothing, on a shoestring budget, into a £multi-million turnover household name, which at its height was making £1million profit a year. In 2000 Red Letter Days was acknowledged by Mintel to be the creator of the new UK experiences industry – by then worth £250million per annum. 

This won Rachel an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002 and she was shortlisted for the 2001 Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Award along with Barbara Cassani, Jo Malone, Sly Bailey and Chey Garland. 

As a result of being on the Awards circuit, in 2002 she was invited by the BBC to be part of a new business show they were formulating called ‘Dragons’ Den‘. 

The pilot for Dragons’ Den was filmed in 2003 and the first series was commissioned and filmed in Autumn 2004, airing for the first time in January 2005. Dragons’ Den was a huge success, shortlisted for a BAFTA and very quickly syndicated worldwide. The second series was filmed in May/June/July 2005 and aired in November/December 2005. 

However, behind the scenes, Rachel had been struggling to bring Red Letter Days back on track after a disastrous over-expansion in 2002, and despite the business being back in profit and having £3.3million cash at bank it was forced into administration by Barclays Bank on 1 August 2005. 

Thanks to her high profile appearance on Dragons’ Den, the crash of Red Letter Days attracted huge media exposure, the story appearing on all the key news channels and in every mainstream newspaper. (The Red Letter Days business was bought out of administration by Rachel’s fellow Dragons Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis and continues to trade.) 

However, to paraphrase Napoleon Hill, in every adversity lies the seeds of opportunity and Rachel was invited to speak at many enterprise events about her experiences. She was also commissioned to write a book about the fine line between success and failure in her book ‘Business Nightmares‘ – not just her own story but the story of 20 other successful entrepreneurs who hit problems on their own journey. 

The timing of the book launch in May 2008 could not have been more fortuitous as in September 2008 the global banking system crashed triggering the current recession and many other business meltdowns. ’Business Nightmares‘ has since become THE handbook for business survival for many struggling entrepreneurs. 

Rachel was invited to speak at many enterprise events about her experiences and is now an accomplished professional speaker with experience of speaking at over three hundred events including Harvard University, TEDx, The Scottish Parliament, The Oxford Union Debating Society, The British Library, The National Library Singapore, the Opening of Global Entrepreneurship week in Holland (with Nick Clegg) and the Conservative Party Conference. 

Rachel was quickly invited by many entrepreneurs to help them with their own business and she became a mentor to many, creating along the way a series of low cost training programmes and workshops designed to help entrepreneurs struggling to make their business work. 

Her work in helping others lead to a fascination with empowerment and the power of the mind, including fourth dimensional energy principles including quantum physics, metaphysics and the Law of Attraction. In 2010 she travelled to Kuala Lumpur to train in feng shui with leading international feng shui author Grand Master Lillian Too. 

Rachel combined her business and marketing knowledge, her experience of going through a financial wipeout together with her knowledge of metaphysics into her acclaimed 2012 low cost video mentoring programme Business Alchemy, which has already become her most successful mentoring product ever. 

In 2011 Rachel co-created the pilot for a new transformational TV brand through which she met Stephen Russell aka Barefoot Doctor. As a result she became Barefoot Doctor’s business manager, publishing his book The Message which was launched at Sadlers Wells in February 2012. Their joint Glastonbury radio show Barefoot and the Dragon topped the ratings during the months it was aired. 

Rachel also helped breathe life into The Big Om sound healing concept which took place in Brighton on 12.12.12, triggering a sister London event 12.12.12 One World co-produced by Rachel and Hay House ‘Money Magnet’ author Marie Claire Carlyle. 

The event (which was also Rachel’s birthday) was a huge success, attracting an audience of over 1,500 people and live-streamed globally. 

Rachel’s latest business venture is SourceTV the new business operating platform for thought leaders, holistic professionals, alternative therapists and coaches which she co-created with Hollywood based TV/Video and Digital Marketing Expert Kevin Stein in 2013. SourceTV is now Rachel’s main business focus and if you’d like to get involved please email her at rachel [at] 

Her latest book PROSPERITY was published on 23 April 2016.LAKSHMI LOW RES

March 9, 2017
Carol Rongholt
The Path of the Way Shower    

Wayshowers are guides, we are here to help you discover the Divine Spark within yourselves, to know the Truth within your own hearts … We are here to help you uncover your True Self. 

As an Empath with claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, & clairvoyant abilities, I am able to feel, see, hear, and know things that go unnoticed by many people. It is the combination of those abilities that allows me to hone into your energy and to help you understand what is happening and why it's happening. 

When I was first told that I was a Way Shower, it was through automatic writing in 1996. I was incredibly confused because I misinterpreted the word "shower," I thought it was akin to a water shower at a rest stop! I didn't know that it meant to show someone the way. 

A "Way Shower" is able to show you the way, because they have travelled the road you are on, or a similar road. They know how to interpret the signs and can help you understand where you are and where you are going. 

There are many ways to experience and interpret the Truth. In the end what matters is how you feel. You must learn to trust your own Inner & Higher Guidance system, and that is what a Way Shower does ... they teach you how to navigate your own inner terrain so that you don't have to rely on another human being to "tell" you their truth. 

A WayShower does not tell you what to believe, or what to do, they help you to discover your own truth and show you how to continue on your path without their help. We are here to help you become strong, and to develop your endurance for the journey ahead of you, so that you too might help those who come behind you or walk beside you. We are here to help you see that you are not going crazy, that your experiences are valid, and to help you interpret and understand them until you are able to do so on your own. We are teachers, but we are not "book-learned" teachers ... while some of our understanding may come from books that we may have read, most of it will come from our very own personal experiences and the guidance given to us through our own Inner & Higher Selves, as well as through the Divine Beings that watch over all of humanity. 

There is only One Truth, but there are many ways of interpreting that One Truth ... so there are many Way Showers with varying experiences and gifts and that speak different languages, all of this so that we might reach everyone who seeks the Truth ... We are tasked with the job of reaching the masses, but it is you that must reach out and ask for the help.

March 14, 2017
Jane Lawson
Essentials Oils
for Higher Consciousness      

I am now what is colloquially termed as a Vintage Aromatherapist, having been qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist for some 25 years and a teacher for 17. I am blessed with three beautiful grown up children, and we all currently reside, albeit in our own homes in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire, UK. Besides taking care of my clients, I also have a small and select amount of students every year. I believe in quality over quantity and as Essential Oils and their, what can only be termed as magical properties as they never cease to amaze me, have served me so well over the past quarter century, I honour them and respect them and the art and therefore want to maintain and pass on a legacy to future practitioners. I am currently training past students to become teachers themselves, and thus safeguard what is a precious gift of Mother Nature to us. This is my legacy.

March 16, 2017 
Sarah Rebecca Vine
Healer that Heals the Healers        

Welcome! My name is Sarah Rebecca Vine and thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me!

I volunteered to be here and always knew I was different... As I have lived my life, I have helped and inspired countless others with just being me, sharing wisdom and energy. Since 2008, I have been professionally working as a Spiritual and Inspirational Coach with private clients worldwide and been blessed in that time to become a mummy to two adorable children. I started a YouTube Channel when I was pregnant with my second child as the calling was too strong and the message to great to ignore any longer. I have always invested in myself first, considerably so when I first took a massive leap of faith back in 2007. Part of my 'Global Mission' is to be a messenger and share information to help awaken earth angels and help them.

When I first come across the Earth Angel Realms, it resonated but I was too confused to figure out what realm I was from, because I did with everything except walk-ins. I resonate strongly with all the core realms and many blended realms. I have since been told through many channelled readings, including akashic, I am a very old soul and master angel from the stars who has been a 'guide to guides'. I have been called and am known as the 'healer that heals the healers'. I myself, am here now, like you, to help bring peace and love to this beautiful world which starts with ourself first. In February 2014, I founded the Earth Angel Sanctuary to continue to assist others whilst I brought up my family.

I live in the UK in a little village on the Essex coast with my beloved soul mate Gareth and our children Angel and Evan. I am very down to earth too and spend time with my parents every week plus am blessed to have lots of friends, 'normal' ones and many amazing soul sisters and brothers locally and all over the world. I just love people and love to inspire and empower others. I currently do this through the Earth Angel Sanctuary which is the only way to personally work with me as a client right now. I also am part of a heart centred and mission led network marketing company where I not only get to empower my team with my gifts, I get to empower women in another way through makeup, which I love.

March 21, 2017 
Ivory LaNoue
Psychic Medium     

Ivory LaNoue, known as Ivory Angelic, is a psychic medium, angelic messenger, spiritual counselor, healer based in Sedona, AZ. She is a partner at Sedona Soul Sisters Metaphysical Center. Ivory has done readings and energy healing for over 20 years. She mentored with Susanne Wilson for mediumship.

In a reading, Ivory combines psychic information, messages from your angelic guides, and, as needed, information gained from her previous career in the field of mental health. Ivory is a clear channel, able to tune into you or others simply by hearing their first name. She obtains timelines from your angelic guides and they are known for being highly accurate.


March 28, 2017
Kathilyn Solomon
Tapping Into Wellness      

Kathilyn has been a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping practitioner since 2004, and she teaches and leads groups in the tapping technique. She is one of just 19 EFT practitioners worldwide certified at the highest level of EFT skill and mastery through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP – ACAP – EFT). Her work has been instrumental in assisting clients and students in transforming difficult areas in their own lives.

Cats have nine lives. This Kat is no exception. She was living in NYC, a writer, editor, and children’s author, with an herbalist avocation, when sudden seismic life-changes led to “losing everything” – work, husband, prestige, confidence, money, and health. 

Kat discovered EFT a few years later, and through her own personal tapping, she experienced relief and results, including healing her autoimmune illness fibromyalgia and trauma she had experienced. In the process, Kat came to understand what really matters for her: emotional connection, caring, and compassion and commitment to one’s own authentic nature and purpose. She has shaped her life and life’s work accordingly. 

Even if it seems elusive, it’s still a good idea to head in that direction of self. 

Kat knows how to unearth magnificent treasure underneath physical and emotional challenges, sabotage and goal-blocking behaviors, and areas of “stuckness” in life, and continues to find it remarkable even today when she witnesses the profound changes that clients are making in their lives with EFT Tapping. 

Kathilyn earned early practitioner credentials in association with Gary Craig, EFT founder. * She is either studied or certified in holistic methods including TAT, inner child and matrix reimprinting, Ayurveda, NVC and Parenting by Connection, Global Somatics, dance, Interplay, Spring Forest Qi Gong, NLP, memory reconsolidation, art, song, and one of the sacred languages of creation, Hebrew. 

Her general practice clients come for a wide range of emotional and physical situations and conditions, including stress and anxiety, clearing creative blocks, clearing clutter or cravings, inherited & lineage issues, phobia relief, trauma and bad childhood memory resolution, grief & loss recovery, body confidence, pain relief and physical challenges, birth trauma, parenting and family challenges, reproductive and miscarriage issues. She is author of the new book Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness (Llewellyn December 2015). She leads tapping groups and teaches, writes and edits books, blogs, and websites, and teaches and mentors in EFT tapping. She is author of seven children’s books, mother of one son age 17, and one cat. 

*EFT Qualifications also include: EFT Level 1, EFT Advanced, Cert 1 EFT, a case study away from AAMET International Advanced Practitioner, and EFT Universe Intermediate Practitioner. Cross-section of clients includes relief of phantom limb pain in woman in her 70’s to resolution of terrible fear of tornados from three year old.

Maarch 30, 2017 
Elaine Thorpe
Psychic Medium    

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Elaine Thorpe and I'm a trance clairvoyant medium. I've been doing trance for 10 years and I've grown and developed over that time. I've learned to trust my guide to blend with me and speak to the public eye.

I have worked in churches, small groups and one to one with private readings. I now teach trance to others. I'm enjoying doing this as it gives me a chance to communicate with spirit and ask them questions that will help me with my spiritual life. 

I came across trance by sheer accident and I haven't looked back since. My father was a physical medium so I used to sit in circles with him sometimes. It was wonderful to know that spirit can closely connect and even touch us physically.

Since coming into spiritual work I have met many loving and caring friends and had beautiful messages along my journey. I'm still continuing to grow and learn all about the love that spirit bring to us in such mysterious ways. I have truly dedicated myself to this way of life and I will continue until my time to go home arrives.

Trance mediumship is one of the most intense and loving connections with spirit you can ever experience. Believe me if you haven't tried 




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